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About me … well … what do you want to know?  I was born and raised in the Valley of the Sun … Phoenix, AZ. A typical upbringing … parents who loved each other and devoted themselves to not only to their three children, but also to the world of education.  I’m the oldest, and thrilled to have a sister and a brother.

Let’s jump ahead a whole bunch … I met my very creative husband on a blind-date in mid-1993. We had a whirl-wind dating / engagement / wedding period … but then we were a bit older and decided we’d better get moving on with life before it passed us by {I was 30 when we married … hubby … 42}.  After our Sedona wedding in August of 1994, we took a chance on a new cable network concept brewing in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our newlywed life headed from the southwest to the southeast and Dusty helped launch Home & Garden Television … HGTV.

We bought our very first home, Dusty kept busy with HGTV, we found we loved to entertain, garden, and decorate our home together {everything HGTV was about … was happening in our home}.  I continued my work as a paralegal {certified in Phoenix} in Knoxville … up until the very night I went into labor with our first child.  Dusty managed to make it back from Boston before things got going … thank goodness.

I loved motherhood and found that my creativity would expand to sewing little girl outfits and quilting.  I’ve also admired antique quilts and folk art and found a way to marry the two together with creating items that we could use and hopefully pass along to our children.  Basically, I took a few classes and just started doing-it on my own. I had found a new hobby!

I’ve been very fortunate to have designed and create two block-of-the-month designs for Home & Garden Television’s website, and found myself as a guest on Simply Quilts {our son, then two, was found roaming the sound-studio during taping the show!}.  I have always admired the classical quilt designs and fabrics.  Over the years I find myself now admiring bolder designs and colors.  My designs have also been spotted at a HGTV network party and film production in celebrity gift bags.  Although I still love working with fabric, I’ve found a different interest and approach in the world of fiber arts.  I’ve been exploring the world of knitting with wool fibers, but have taken it to a different dimension.  No longer a taboo, I’ll use hot water to achieve an end result of a felted art piece.  It’s just another craft which allows me to express myself artistically … or just a great excuse to expand our home to include a studio!  I discovered creativity in purse, handbag, and scarf design … I’m always looking for a creative outlet.

After 14-years … our family of four {plus Hemingway our wheaten-terrier pup-ster} have since left the HGTV family … we moved back to Phoenix … and {at the time of this writing} we’re headed next to the northwest … Boise, Idaho. We have treasured our new adventure … smaller community … greenbelts … bike rides … and common family values {in case you wondered why we moved to Boise.}  And … there’s a great local indie-craft group in the area … so you know … I’ll keep creating … something!

I have many passions {blogging | writing | social media marketing}, but my true passion is photography. With so much moving around and craft-y items boxed up … I have relied heavily on my camera to keep things creative in my life. I like to shoot almost anything … but find most pleasure in taking photographs of children, families {life-style} and product-type shots. I’m even nuts enough to admit I like the post-edit process as well! Thank goodness for Lightroom 5.  I’m thrilled to have been a certified photographer for a national company known as Bella Baby Photography … what a terrific opportunity to have met such wonderful new parents, cuddle newborns and the incredible folks in the medical industry.

Now, I’m teaming up with a locally produced TV-show to take tomatobaby life+style photography to the next level … by adding social media + marketing to the brand.  I’ve entered into the world of Real Estate … even had a real estate license for all of 8-months and “retired.”  I just knew my passion wasn’t on that side of the table but still want to assist agents with their real estate business needs.  I have found my passion for photography lends very nicely to the real estate world by creating incredible images to market homes.  You may even find me popping into a real estate class to chat about social media and keeping in compliance with the Real Estate Commission.  I’m having a blast and a firm believer that your first impression better be really, really good.  Let work together … please feel free to contact me … I’d love to chat about it with you!

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